The New and Improved eLibrary

Dr. Robert Mann, Resource Library Director

This is a day of new beginnings, time to remember and move on…
This is a day of new beginnings; our God is making all things new.
Brian Wren, 1978

It is with great joy that the staff of Church Music Institute announces the new database program for the eLibrary. This is the long awaited day. We are deeply grateful to donors who gave special offerings to support this project along with you, our constituents, who have been faithful in using the system during its continued development and improvement.

As you already know, our eLibrary is one of a kind, as nothing like it exists elsewhere. Our goal has been twofold.

Simple_Search_21) To create a professionally selected, non-commercial library of sacred music that represents the best choices in church music for substantive theological texts and music appropriate for quality worship
2) To create an archive of sacred music from all stylistic periods and composers that represents the best of sacred music accumulated through time and to the present

CMI Advanced Search Window 2As of this writing, the Library contains over 9,000 anthems researched in 24 search areas for use by CMI members in the eLibrary online catalogue. The eLibrary database is invaluable for planning worship with Liturgical Day, Topical Reference, and Scripture. Criteria are matched to music. (Not a member? CLICK HERE to join!)

Users will notice improved formats to expedite a search: a Simple Search and an Advanced Search. Both searches are completed much faster. The search will return more options and accommodate the always-expanding Library, will support a larger user base, and is more user-friendly.

We are eager to hear your comments and suggestions and will continue to update the system. Please let us know how we can facilitate your use of the system. Give me a call at 214/751-7669, and I will be happy to walk through the procedure over the phone. A new world of church music awaits you!

We are grateful to Marcus A. Matos of Matos Consulting, and Denis O’Neil of Olinks Corporation, for their expertise in creating the new database program and bringing it to use.

Note: Music in the eLibrary may be protected by copyright law.  It is the responsibility of the user to obtain copyright permission.