Multiply your gift to CMI on September 19th!

UPDATE 9-20-2013

North Texas Giving Day was a great day for CMI! We had 69 people donate to us in the online fundraising drive. To see the results for all the participating charities, go to All funds donated to CMI yesterday will be multiplied by bonus funds from the Communities of Texas Foundation.

Thank you so much for your support of Church Music Institute!

(Original article)

On Thursday September 19, from 7am to Midnight, a gift to CMI of $25 or more will be multiplied by Communities Foundation of Texas!

db-circleCMI has registered with North Texas Giving Day to be a part of their 2013 community fundraising event.  On September 19th, anyone anywhere who donates to CMI through the site will have their donation multiplied by the Communities of Texas Foundation.  New participants, like CMI, will also be eligible for bonus funds and prizes.

Save the date of September 19!

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